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About Hair Replacement

Hair replacement Systems are truly life changing. Clients regain their confidence are more out going and ultimately are happier as a result of the worry associated with hair loss being removed.

Hair replacement systems are individually custom made for the client. There are several types available including Undetectable lace front systems, Paper Thin Polyurethane systems and super-fine monofiliment systems.

There are different attachments depending on what each client is looking for . The most popular is scalp bonding which last 3-4 weeks depending on hair regrowth and excess sweat and oil on the scalp. Many women prefer Neo Fusion which attaches on to the clients existing hair . This is very popular as no hair is taken away to do the attachment.

There is also Self Maintenance so that clients can do there own grooming if they require.

At the consultation the followings steps are undertaken:-

(a) A template is taken of the area of hair loss.
(b) The clients preference for the direction of hair.
(c) Add a crown if the client wishes.
(d) Take a sample of the clients hair to get a perfect colour match.
(e) Discuss with the client what hair length and density is required.
(f) Talk about the clients final style and what they wish to achieve at the end result.
(g) Advise clients on which products they will require for maintenance of their new hair styles.
(h) Place order and wait for return.

The average delivery time from when you place an order is around 6/8 weeks. For orders placed on super fast delivery this is usually around 5 weeks. Once the order has been received there is then around a 2 hours appointment to create style and attachment.

Clients always walk out of the studio feeling fantastic, confident and they never look back.

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Clients walk out of the studio feeling fantastic

I have known Tracy for 17 years and I have followed her from studio to studio around Birmingham and now down to Dorset. Tracy is a true proffessional, very knowledgeable and reliable and is excellent at her job. I regularly undertake a round trip of 480 miles to have Tracy cut and style my hair. Tracy is one of the most experienced Hair Replacement Stylists in the UK. I always leave her studio feeling great! There is nobody else I would ever use to cut my hair. I highly recommend Tracy!

John (Wales)

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